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Dharamsala Unveils India’s First-Ever ‘Hybrid Pitch’ for Cricket

• 08 May, 24 • by Gaurav Sauran
Dharamsala Unveils India’s First-Ever ‘Hybrid Pitch’ for Cricket

Cricket fans in India, get ready for a revolution! The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) stadium in Dharamsala recently unveiled the country’s first-ever ‘hybrid pitch‘. This innovative playing surface is set to change the game in India, similar to how it has transformed cricket at iconic grounds like Lord’s and The Oval in England.


So, what exactly is a hybrid pitch? Imagine a regular cricket pitch where the natural grass is strengthened with a small amount (only 5%) of artificial fibers. This unique combination offers several advantages. The hybrid pitch is much tougher and more durable than traditional pitches, making it less prone to wear and tear. This translates to less work for the ground staff and ensures pitches stay in top condition for longer.


The introduction of hybrid pitches is set to revolutionize cricket in India, following their success in iconic venues like Lord’s and The Oval in England,” said Dhumal, who hails from Himachal Pradesh.


But don’t worry, cricket purists! The pitch retains the natural playing characteristics that make the sport exciting. The 5% synthetic fibers are there for reinforcement, not to take away the essence of the game.  This development is a big step forward for Indian cricket.  The success of the Dharamsala pitch paves the way for more hybrid pitches to be installed in other stadiums, with Mumbai and Ahmedabad next in line.


With the ICC’s approval, we’re excited to see the positive impact these pitches will have on the sport, starting with installations in Mumbai and Ahmedabad next,” ex-England cricketer Paul Taylor said.


The technology behind the hybrid pitch is called SISGrass and includes a special machine called the ‘Universal Machine’ that helps create the hybrid surface. This innovation has already been used extensively in England and is now poised to make a similar impact in India.


Another exciting addition to this project is the ‘SISAir’ system. This is essentially a fancy way of saying the pitch gets its own ventilation system!  SISAir helps the grass grow healthier and stronger, leading to a safer and more enjoyable playing experience for the cricketers.


With the unveiling of the hybrid pitch in Dharamsala, Indian cricket is embracing cutting-edge technology to improve the sport for everyone involved. Here’s to a future with more exciting matches and top-notch playing conditions!

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