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T20 World Cup 2024: Qualification Scenarios for Pakistan, England, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand

• 11 Jun, 24 • by Inkspilled
T20 World Cup 2024: Qualification Scenarios for Pakistan, England, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand


The group stage of the T20 World Cup 2024 has been nothing short of dramatic. Upsets, close contests, and a touch of rain have thrown the qualification race wide open, leaving several big names sweating. Here’s a breakdown of what each team needs to do to secure a coveted Super Eights spot.


Pakistan Chasing a Narrow Path

Pakistan, despite being a pre-tournament favorite, finds itself in a dangerous position. Qualification depends on winning their remaining matches against Canada and Ireland, hoping the USA stumbles against India and Ireland. While their two losses were tight (one a tie), their net run rate (NRR) is a major concern.

However, a glimmer of hope remains. If the USA loses their next two by a combined 18 runs, Pakistan needs wins over Canada and Ireland with a combined margin of just 10 runs to pip them on NRR. Ireland, playing both USA and Pakistan, could also become surprise contenders if they win both convincingly, a scenario with a low probability based on current form.


England’s NRR Mountain to Climb

Like Pakistan, England needs victories in their remaining fixtures against Oman and Namibia. However, their task seems more daunting. Scotland, currently sitting comfortably on NRR thanks to a dominant win over Oman, needs just a 20-run loss to Australia to knock England out of the reckoning.

England’s NRR currently sits at a lowly -1.8, far behind Scotland’s 2.164. To overcome this deficit, they need to win against Oman and Namibia by a combined margin of at least 94 runs.


Sri Lanka’s Fragile Hope

With Bangladesh’s loss to South Africa, Sri Lanka has a lifeline. However, they must win their remaining matches against Nepal and Netherlands and hope Bangladesh loses at least one of theirs against the same opponents.

Sri Lanka’s best chance lies in scoring 160 and winning by 20 runs in each of their remaining games. This would push their NRR to a marginal 0.074, potentially surpassing Bangladesh’s current 0.075 (depending on their upcoming results). However, Netherlands, with two wins and a positive NRR, could also throw a wrench in the works if they win their next encounter.


New Zealand Faces Uphill Battle

New Zealand’s heavy defeat to Afghanistan has left them with a monumental task. Their NRR of -4.2 pales in comparison to Afghanistan’s dominant 5.225. To have any chance, they must win their upcoming match against West Indies, effectively a knockout. A loss here hands qualification to West Indies, with Afghanistan likely joining them on victory against PNG. If that happens, New Zealand’s remaining fixtures become irrelevant.


The T20 World Cup 2024 group stage has delivered surprises and showcased the fickle nature of the format. Every match holds immense significance, with several teams on the cusp of qualification. The coming days will witness an intense battle for Super Eights berths, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Can Pakistan claw its way back? Will England overcome their NRR hurdle? Can Sri Lanka or New Zealand stage dramatic comebacks? Only time, and the performance on the field, will tell.

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